Outdoor flooring



Such floors are carried out through the vibrocompression, with a layer in concrete and river's sand that operates in such a way as to avoid the deterioration.
They are intentionally studied to solve the flooring's problems of all external areas, such as pavements, parking-places, and downhill roads.
The wide range of sizes and shapes (40x40, 25x50, hexagonal, "farfalla") and of colours give a pleasant look to large squares, court-yards and pavements.


Floor that is carried out in pressed concrete (through vibration) with layer, at sight, of river's pebbles or marble grits in different colours.
Particularly suitable for floorings of avenues, gardens, parkings and swimming-pools' edges.
Besides, the brick paving through supports in PVC, permits an easy flooring of terraces and salaria.
Such a floor is available in the sizes 40x40, 33x40, or others, by request.

Washed drawed

Such a floor represents the most artistic flooring that can be carried out with bricks in cement, and it permits the most sophisticated and elegant solutions of furnishings.
It is available in the size 40x40.


The selected marble grits and the highly resistant cement, that are used in order to avoid the brick's deterioration, assure to such a brick the same compactness as the ganites.
Besides, the particulare smoothing's process reduces the typical absorbing charateristic of the cement and, creating a protective sheet, makes easier this floor's maintenance making it particularly suitable for verandas and external places liable to strong movement.
It is available in the size 40x40.


The particular size 25x25 can be used in order to exploit the typical charatteristics of resistance of the bricks in cement for wall-facings.
As a matter of fact, this solution allows to preserve the external structures from the deterioration, that is generally caused by atmospheric agents, assuring an undiscussed aesthetical effect.