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The brick factory De Filippi Osvaldo operates in the field of flooring for more than 50 years, recovering the traditional art of tiles and bricks, that has been handed on from father to son, and re-proposing the history of a past rich in charm. The plant extends on an area of 40.000 square meters, where the love and the taste of handcrafted things are added to the use of the latest technologies.

The De Filippi factory has brushed up the art of decorated tiles, that began with the grand-father Antonio and has been continued by the father Osvaldo.

Flooring and coatings De Filippi, produced with marble grits and white cement, are realized with advanced technologies and assure the best quality and resistance. The wide range of products, together with a large choice of colors, assures to designers and builders the most various solutions for furnishings for the inside and the outside, also thanks to the activity of collaboration that has always characterized De Filippi firm.

Such know-how allowed the company to become a featured interlocutor of public companies and customers even into important building sites, for example the famous "Petruzzelli Theatre" in Bari, for which De Filippi curated and provided the internal flooring. Osvaldo De Filippi also provided the blind sidewalk for the railroad station in Bari and in Lecce for the Lions Club.

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