The foundation

Back in 1929 the brothers Antonio and Gaetano De Filippi started producing their first cement tiles.

After gaining experience as mosaicists at the already affirmed companies (Prinari, Peluso, Ingrosso) they decided to found their own company.

The first plant was based in Lecce and it employed 15 people.

The economic flourishing period, the careful administration and the high quality of the De Filippi products, allowed the De Filippi brothers to creare a new and larger plant in Lecce, where they employed 35 collaborators.

Antonio De Filippi's sons also started working in the factory: Concetta, Ugo and Osvaldo, who after a few years decided to take different paths.



Ima Pavimenti

Ugo De Filippi, designing tiles, discovered his artistic talent that led him to be a listed painter.

Ugo founded a new company, IMA Pavimenti, during 1958, opening the first factory in via Imbriani to subsequently move to the Industrial Area of Lecce, with a new headquarters.

At the end of 70s, Ugo re-proposed the production technique of decorative bricks in the 40x40, 25x25 and 20x20 cm formats, developing a new industrialized production method that significantly increased the quantity produced.


Osvaldo De Filippi starts its operations

Osvaldo De Filippi leaves his father's factory and opens his first laboratory in Surbo (LE), in via Trento.

In 1965 he inaugurated the new headquarters in via Francesco Marzano, Lecce Industrial Area, which is the current headquarters of the company.

Osvaldo specalizes in the production of outdoor bricks. In addition to the classic 25x25 and 40x40 cm models, Osvaldo creates the new hexagonal format, which quickly becomes the most requested brick, the rectangular 25x50 format and the innovative 33x40 cm "Farfalla" (butterfly) format.

To these, Osvaldo adds the production of washed and designed washed, honed outdoor tiles with multiple designs. He starts also the production of rough and sandblasted coatings, with a reduced thickness, products totally unknown in different areas of Italy at the times.

The innovative products have allowed the new company to establish itself as a leader in the outdoor flooring market.



Production of decorative bricks resumes

At the end of 1980s, Osvaldo, spurred on by his sons Enrico and Fabio, resumed the production of decorative bricks in grit and cement paste.


Osvaldo De Filippi inherits the molds and assets of Ima Pavimenti

In 2003, upon the death of Ugo, the Ima Pavimenti factory ceases its operations and the heirs donate the company molds and assets to the Osvaldo De Filippi factory.

Together with the molds of Ima Pavimenti, the Osvaldo-based company also inherits the production lines of the father Antonio De Filippi.



Enrico and Fabio De Filippi take over the reins of the factory

In 2006, when Osvaldo died, the company passed into the hands of his two sons, Enrico and Fabio, who run this business with the same spirit and love of their ancestors and with the same concept: "Produce each brick as if it were for the own home".


Acquisition of the Astoricchio & Figlio brand

In 2007 the Fabbrica di Mattoni Osvaldo De Filippi (Brick Factory Osvaldo De Filippi) took over all the production equipment, molds and decorations of the famous Lecce-based competitor Astoricchio & Figlio.



Acquisition of Venix Style assets

In 2014, the acquisition of technologies and machinery of Venix Style, a leading company in the production of Venetian floors, was completed.


Tiles Stock

The company launches its e-commerce to buy floors and tiles in stock at discounted prices.



The Trademarks

Today the company collects the production lines of five factories: Osvaldo De Filippi, Antonio De Filippi, IMA Pavimenti, Astoricchio & Figlio, Venix Style.

Our brands

Four brands that have written the history of handmade floors in Salento and around the world.

Pavimenti De Filippi
IMA Pavimenti
Pavimenti Astoricchio & De Vitis
Pavimenti Venix Style