Concrete floors for outdoors

De Filippi produces a wide range of floors and tiles for outdoor environments: gardens, parks, sidewalks, squares, promenades and avenues.



Made by vibro-compression, with a layer of concrete and river sand and aggregates selected in the first wear layer. Specially designed to solve the flooring problems of all external areas, sidewalks, parking areas, sloping paths. The wide range of sizes (20x20, 25x25, 33x33, 40x40, 50x50, 25x50, hexagonal, "butterfly") and colors give a pleasant appearance to the squares, courtyards, driveways.


Floor made of press-vibrated concrete with exposed layer of river pebbles or marble chips of different colors. Particularly suitable for paving avenues, gardens, parking lots, edges of swimming pools. The installation by means of PVC supports also allows easy flooring of terraces and solariums. Available in 33x40, 40x40, 50x50 or other formats on request.

Washed designed

The washed designed represents the most artistic that can be achieved with concrete bricks, allowing the most sophisticated and elegant furnishing solutions. Available in the 40x40 format.


The selected marble chips and very high-strength cement used for the wear layer ensure this brick a compactness similar to that of the granite. Furthermore, the particular smoothing process reduces the typical absorbency of the cement and, by creating a protective layer, facilitates the maintenance of this flooring and makes it particularly suitable for verandas and external environments subject to strong movement. Available in 40x40 format.

Ancient Pietrino

Thanks to the discovery of ancient designs and molds dating back to the early twentieth century, the De Filippi company has dusted off the production of the first types of outdoor flooring, in the 25x25 format.

Concrete coatings

The particular 25x50 format responds to the need to exploit the strength characteristics of concrete bricks for wall coverings. This solution allows in fact to preserve the external structures from the wear and tear caused by atmospheric agents, guaranteeing an undisputed aesthetic effect.

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